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About the website

This website was created by myself and my wife, Rikke. The intention was to make it our "creative face" to the internet audience. One of our great passions was making music and lyrics. And we wished to share that passion with people, besides making some PR for what might be something more than just a hobby. You can read more about Rikke here, and about me here.

But 6. of may 2004 the world collapsed: Rikke died unexpectedly at home, only 27 years old. The work on this website, among other things, stopped naturally for a long time. Summer 2005 I felt the time had come to pick up the work again.

File formats : The music files are in Mp3 format, played by the JW-Player. Your browser needs Adobe Flash plugin to play the files. The video files are Adobe Flash format (*.flv).

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