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At the age of 6, I knew I would end up as a musician. I also knew that music-making was my "thing". Yeah, that's the correct word...Not composing, but Music Making. I have quite as much pleasure working with fun stuff and parodies, as making the more "serious" stuff. Things will appear on this website that confirms tat..So now you are warned! :-). My intention is NOT to revolutionize themusic. I have no specific musical influences, maybe except from Irish and Scandinavian folk music. But music with passion or humour (I love parodies), or both...Yes, I'm listening.

After 15 years of touring around in Norway with different bands - as a drummer - I finally settled down in Tønsberg and got married for the first time, with Linda Kvam. I was drummer in her band till 1998. She gave birth to our son, Bendik, in 1994.

We were divorced in 1997, and I met Rikke in 98. She really became the love of my life, and we married oct. 02. No words can describe her beauty, sensuality, goodness.. not to mention her creative and musical skills. She was my greatest source of inspiration. Still, when years have passed, I miss her every moment.

But life has to go on. Now I work as a conductor in two music schools. I think I have the best job in the world...It's very satisfying to follow the progress of the children. My students are aged 7-19.

Hotel Burj Al-ArabFinally, I have to mention "The Bones", a vorspiel- and partyband, formed in Oslo in 1989. We did gigs about once a month, but we have never practiced.. Our attempts to bury the band are countless, but every time we think we have succeeded, something big is coming up..We've had concerts both in Norway and England, and last time we did a gig, was in the hotel Burj al-Arab in Dubai. What's next...:-)


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