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My home town since 1990, Tønsberg, together with neighboring counties Nøtterøy and Tjøme, is surrounded by a stunning archipelago. Hundreds of islands, islets and reefs make the area a paradise for leisure boating. Its location in the southern Oslo fjord also forms a great base for trips across the fjord, to Østfold and Sweden.


Sharpie 600: S/Y Kuling

Sharpie 600In May 2011 I became the proud owner of this gem of a sailboat. I accidentally came across it on blocket.se. I recognized it from previous browsing on Björn Thomasson website about boat building. He has called the model "Sharpie 600" and it is designed for self-construction. This edition is built by Olle Jeppsson.

Watch video and read the extensive background material and discussion of S/Y "Kuling"here.


Strip-planked canoe

WabnakiIn the spring of 2011 I had the opportunity to realize an old desire: To build a strip-plank canoe. I got the idea after reading an inspiring book of yacht designer Björn Thomasson in the middle of the 2000s. Such a project requires, among other things, of course, a suitable place to build, which has stopped it till now. But I got an opportunity in april, and I started.

Status 01.01.2012: All forms are completed, and the strips are cut and milled with tongue and groove. The work stopped as the sailboat suddenly came "in house". But I start planking as soon as time permits, adding of course reports here.

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