A Doll's House


In 2006 it was 100 years since Henrik Ibsen died. In november, the students from drama, arts and music by Horten Cultural School, made a DVD containing two versions of Ibsen's famous play, "A Doll's House".

As a happening we also made a music video, "Hurra for Henrik". It is probably the most political uncorrect contribusion to the jubilee. But I suspect the old man smiling a little, if he had seen the "Ibsen Girls" perform this tribute to Henrik and...HELMER (!)

Ibsen Girls: HURRA FOR HENRIK (with eng. subtitles)

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Click "Play" button (twice if necessary) to watch the video. Please visit Ibsen Girls's profile on YouTube.


NoraHelmerLeft: Nora
(Pernille Dall) not in her best mood


Helmer (Frida Winther, who also wrote the "Another Doll's House" script.)


On Horten Cultural School's release show, some of the students performed "Dance of the Marionettes" (Click the link to listen).

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