"A Fungus Eve"



Collage: Tonje Akerholdt/Giraffdesign

"Muggsopp (Mold)" is a short film by Kristin Hestnes and Tonje Akerholdt. I wrote the music for the film, a satirical horror comedy. The action takes place in an office that are attacked by mold. The company's management ignore the problem, causing a dramatic effect when the mold also affects the employees...

The film was launched on 7. of june 2009. On this occasion we organized "A Fungus Eve" at Papirhuset Theatre in Tønsberg. Besides the première, the audience could enjoy singing, music, dance, theater sport and sales exhibition of various arts and crafts. Some of the performances were filmed, and some of them can be relived here.

Tonje Akerholdt's website: giraffdesignerens.blogspot.com


"Muggsopp: Ending"
Ending credits music from the movie.
Participants: "Muggballetten (The Fungus Ballet"

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"Baym Rebns Sude" (By the rabbi's table)
Trad. klezmer music.
Participants: Ida Malene Christensen, cello and Elin Marie Christensen, violin.

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