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And here is the Contessa. Rikke died at the age of only 27, but she will never be forgotten by anyone who met her. Besides being a wonderful wife and my very best friend, she gave me big support, and made my self confidence grow enough to really do something about my own music. I think the main thing that put us together, was our extreme passion for creating.

She was multi-talented. One moment she could sing a new, own-made song, while playing the guitar; The next, dance for herself (or even with me!!) with VERY loud music, and the next she could write a poem or a short story. She was extremely musical talented. For a while we had the Contessa band, of which she was singer and songwriter. But illness stopped that project.


RikkeRikke left music, poems, short stories etc. I've concidered putting her lyrics on this website...Maybe I'll do that some day. And I will finish her music when the economy allows.



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