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Here are links to the videos. Some of them are designed as slide shows, others are pure music videos. More videos coming up.

How to play a video: Clicking on a title or a picture brings you to the specific video page itself, with additonal information.


God natt (Good Night) God Natt med Øystein Fevang og Tove Kragset

with Øystein Fevang and Tove Kragset.

Cathegory: Song
Written in: 2000

Hurra for Henrik!Ibsen Girls

with "Ibsen Girls".

Cathegory: Song/Rap
Written in: 2006

Muggsopp: EndingMuggsopp: Ending

with "The Fungus Ballet".

Cathegory: Instrumental
Written in: 2008

Baym Rebn's Sude Baym Rebn's Sude

with Ida Malene and Elin Marie Christensen.

Cathegory: Instrumental/Klezmer
Jiddisch Trad.

Capitano & Trutor 1Capitano, Trutor og juniorkorpset

with Zirk Mir/SSSK

Cathegory: Sketch

Capitano & Trutor 2Capitano, Trutor og hovedkorpset

with Zirk Mir/SSSK

Cathegory: Sketsj

Fire Leap Zirk Mir og Spielratte Band

with Zirk Mir/SSSK

Cathegory: Instrumental/Flameshow

Sabre Dance Sverddans

with Zirk Mir/SSSK

Cathegory: Instrumental/Acrobatics

Cantina Band Cantina Band

with Zirk Mir/SSSK

Cathegory: Instrumental/Juggling

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