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SSSK - Anniversart concert


One of the bands I'm conducting, Søndre Slagen school band, celebrated their 5 year anniversary in 2009. On this occasion we held a very enjoyable concert in Oseberg Kulturhus on Sunday 29. of march. For the occasion, we entered into a partnership with Zirk Mir, a group representing the buffoon theater, "Stella Polaris". The group consists of four young men who are touring with a show that includes acrobatics, jugglingi, flame weeding, music, etc. All at a very high professional level.

The presented elements were specially made for the occasion. Bands and artists were thus fully integrated with each other.

Parts of the show was filmed with a digital photo camera. Sound and picture quality of these recordings are not of best quality, but I still present some of the show here.

All recordings: Espen Anholt.

Click the picture to watch the videos.


Junior/Beginner's band and the clowns Capitano and Trutor:

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Main band and Capitano og Trutor:

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Ida/Kristin/recorder group and flame show:

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Main band and acrobatics:

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Senior band and juggling:

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